“Bashing your head against a brick wall”

This is what BBC Host Stephen Sackur thinks senator Antonio Trillanes IV did when he to stood up towards President Rodrigo Duterte who thought-about as a in style president regardless of of his admissions that he actually needed to kill criminals.

“In May 2015, he [Duterte] said, am I the deathsquad? It’s true, that is true. So again he put his own record in front of the Filipino public even to the point of discussing his association with death squads and the Filipino public decided that this was the man to clean up your country” Stephen Sackur informed Trillanes.

“So in political terms, it seems to be your bashing your head against a brick wall” the BBC host added.

Senator Trillanes responded and he stated that he wouldn’t quit in his battle towards President Duterte. He additionally stated that ‘it will take time’ to persuade the general public to stood up towards the Filipino President and he believed that Duterte’s ranking would proceed to go down.

“I’m quite confident towards the end of the year, his numbers will be way below 50” Trillanes stated.

After that, Sackur regarded on the monitor file of Trillanes and it appears that the BBC Host giggled earlier than he narrated the previous of the senator.

“You twice tried to mount a coup against an elected Filipino president and in that case that is Mrs. Arroyo back in 2003 you have an aborted coup attempt which lasted, well let’s face it only a day,” The BBC host informed Trillanes

“You made another attempt to Gloria Arroyo in 2007 and you ended up in prison for seven years, do you think a coup is a legitimate responsive gain to the Philippines current political situation,” Sackur requested Trillanes.

Source: classifiedtrends