Filipino lives matter.

The Duterte authorities should heed the worldwide neighborhood’s name to cease impunity and violence within the nation quite than merely ignoring it for supposed lack of know-how, Senator Risa Hontiveros stated over the weekend.

“This is an important moment for the administration. Its fate and place in history shall rest partly on how it will respond to the international community and the growing public clamor to end impunity and violence across the country,” she wrote on Facebook.

Hontiveros issued the assertion as she rallied behind Vice President Leni Robredo’s latest video message to the United Nations about the hovering death toll from President Duterte’s bloody war on unlawful medication and rights abuses.

“The world needs to know what is happening in our country. They need to know that the government’s abusive and corrupt war on drugs has victimized our people and is tearing our society apart at the seams,” she wrote on Facebook.

Hontiveros stated there was nothing patriotic in shutting the world off from the “horrors” of unresolved murders within the nation. “It is not a defense of the country’s sovereignty. Rather, it is the perpetuation of the culture of killing and impunity. Sovereignty and impunity are two different things. Sovereignty resides in the people. Impunity kills people,” she stated.

Hontiveros additionally lectured the Duterte authorities that the Philippines, as member of the worldwide neighborhood, has an obligation to democracy, human rights and rule of regulation.

“And this obligation includes subjecting our public policies and governance affairs to scrutiny, in the same way that we may scrutinize, protest or constructively engage the actions of other states or global players,” she stated.

And if the Duterte will dismiss the worldwide clamor in opposition to the killings, Hontiveros known as on the federal government to invite United Nations and European Union representatives to confirm such killings.