Jul 15, 2017 @ 17:00

IMAGINE this: there are 110 million “active” pay as you go subscriber id module (SIM) playing cards nationwide.

This is the explanation why Sen. Win Gatchalian is looking for the obligatory registration of SIM playing cards as a result of these nameless SIM playing cards are being utilized by some felony teams in their nefarious actions.

“If you look at statistics, there are about 110 million active and outstanding prepaid SIM cards in the whole country,” the senator mentioned.

“If our population is 100 million, it appears that even babies have a prepaid SIM card. It just goes to say that some people own two, three, four SIM cards,” Gatchalian mentioned.

He added: “And that’s becoming a source of harassment and criminality. So, it’s about time to have that registration of prepaid SIM cards.”

“We’re the only country in Asia that do not register prepaid SIM cards,” Gatchalian mentioned.

Source: politics.com.ph