Who knew that composer Willy Cruz appeared in an LVN comedy film when he was a child? The budding musician had a cameo in Manuel Silos’ “Kuwentong Bahay-Bahayan” in 1953. Only 6 years outdated then, Cruz performed the piano within the movie, which starred kids in grownup roles, pre-dating Alan Parker’s 1976 kiddie gangster flick, “Bugsy Malone,” by over twenty years. According to filmmaker Mike de Leon, Cruz was the grandson of Gumercindo or Mang Sindoy, youthful brother of LVN matriarch (and De Leon’s grandmother) Doa Sisang or Narcisa B. de Leon. The acclaimed director recollects: “In the movie, when one of the kids asked who the young pianist was, the reply was ‘Apo ni Mang Sindoy!'” Cruz la…

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