Nov 10, 2017 @ 19:40

Unless President Duterte’s sycophants are so positive of the Armed Forces of the Philippines’ (AFP) loyalty to their idol, they need to subsequently assume twice earlier than opening a Pandorax’s field to a military takeover, Sen. Leila de Lima on Friday stated.

“We should never welcome a military takeover. But because of this infantile call for Duterte to declare a revolutionary government, that is exactly what we might end up with and Duterte’s head at the end of a stake,” she stated.

The senator, former Department of Justice (DOJ) secretary, stated revolutionary authorities means the abrogation of the Constitution.

“(That is) the only thing that is keeping Duterte president of the country. Without the Constitution, there is no longer any legal basis for keeping Duterte in power,” she stated.

“Without the Constitution, the AFP (possibly the only government institution that will survive without the constitution), is no longer bound to recognize Duterte as president and might be inclined to grab power for itself and lead the country through a military council or junta led by its chosen generals,” the senator stated.

The military, De Lima stated, has no explicit motive why it ought to wish to maintain Duterte as President within the absence of the 1987 Constitution .

“His record in kowtowing to China and selling out the Spratlys is notorious among the generals and junior officers. The AFP has never felt any affinity to the number of one external security threat to the Philippines,” she stated.

The senator expressed perception that within the occasion that an adventurist declaration of a revolutionary authorities is supported by Duterte fanatics, the President may truly be the very first civilian to be overthrown or arrested by the military for the crime of coup d’ etat, regardless of the truth that he’s the Chief Executive.

“Because more than owing loyalty to the duly-elected President, the AFP is sworn to defend the constitution and the Philippines from all enemies, foreign or domestic,” she stated.