Passport Index Vice President of Marketing Hrant Boghossian said, most passports in the world are based on blue and red primary colors, though there's an enormous degree of variation in hues.  He added that geography, politics, and even religion comes into consideration when a country selects its passport color, there is no guidelines or regulation covering the color of these national documents.  So what does the color means? He said it is the matter of national identity.

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Passport colours are available shades of red, blue, inexperienced and black.
Many of us personal a Philippine passport. But have you ever requested your self why are you holding a darkish maroon (shades of red) colour passport?

Passport Index Vice President of Marketing Hrant Boghossian stated, most passports on this planet are primarily based on blue and red main colours, although there’s an infinite diploma of variation in hues.

He added that geography, politics, and even faith comes into consideration when a rustic selects its passport colour, there is no such thing as a pointers or regulation overlaying the colour of those national paperwork.

So what does the colour means? He stated it’s the matter of national identification.

(The world map painted in keeping with the colour of every international locations passport)


Burgundy, red or maroon passport

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Twenty-seven out of 28 member international locations of European Unions is utilizing a burgundy passport and Croatia is the one exception with a blue cowl. EU passport is sort of a lilac colour as a result of their diplomats believed that maroon is a secular colour

Red passport is taken into account to be most typical and sometimes use by international locations with a historic or present communist system.  Aside from the member of the EU, residents of Slovenia, China, Serbia, Russia, Latvia, Romania, Poland, and Georgia is utilizing a red passport. Countries who’re all for becoming a member of the EU similar to Turkey, Macedonia, and Albia modifications the colour of their passport to red, a couple of years in the past.

In addition, international locations belong to Andean Community of Nations (additionally recognized for previous EU-ambitions) similar to Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru has additionally burgundy passport.

(Switzerland Passport through Alamy)

On the opposite hand, Switzerland, has a brilliant red passport cowl, mirroring its daring flag and Philippines can also be utilizing a red passport (darkish maroon) from maroon and inexperienced passport.


The subsequent most typical passport colour and it symbolizes the “new world.”

Fifteen Caribbean international locations additionally know as Caricom states have a blue passport. Mercosur international locations that include Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay is utilizing a blue passport, besides Venezuela that also utilizing a red passport from its time in Andean Community. Other South American international locations have a blue passport cowl that symbolizes its connection Wth Mercosur – a commerce union. 

The United States began utilizing a navy blue passport in 1976 to match the shade discovered within the American Flag.

Boghossian stated that first journey paperwork within the US had been red. They used a inexperienced passport within the 1930s adopted by the burgundy and black passport in 1970s.


Most Islamic states use inexperienced passports due to the significance of the colour of their faith. 

Countries that makes use of inexperienced passport consists of Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan. It is taken into account to be the favourite colour of Prophet Muhammad and an emblem of nature and life.

Variations of inexperienced are additionally utilized by members of Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) similar to Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Niger, Ivory Coast and Senegal as West African Countries.

South Korea is utilizing a inexperienced passport too and thought of to be second strongest passport on this planet. Its holders will be capable of go to 145 international locations visa-free.


Black passport is taken into account to be rarest amongst 4.

 Countries that use black passport consists of Republic of Botswana, Zambia Burundi, Gabon, Angola, Chad, Congo, Malawi and plenty of different African Countries. 

New Zealand makes use of a black colour of their passport as a result of it is among the nation’s national colours.


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