Jun 29, 2017 @ 19:56

Senator Leila de Lima can’t perceive why Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV obtained quite a bit flak for his interview with British Broadcasting Corp. (BBC) anchor Stephen Sackur which some netizens known as “disastrous.”

“I knew it. It’s all a spin, the unsavory comments are but part of an intensified black propaganda engineered by the dark forces,” the senator mentioned in a press release issued Thursday.

She doesn’t have any TV or web entry in her Camp Crame cell. De Lima mentioned she discovered in regards to the on-line bashing on Trillanes’ after it was picked up by mainstream media.

“I may not have watched the actual interview, but after going over the transcripts, I honestly say that Sen. Sonny (Trillanes) handled very well and admirably, the tough questioning by a host who was playing devil’s advocate,” she mentioned.

“With characteristic candor and moral courage, Sen. Sonny’s (Trillanes) responses were to the point and his views on the core issues sound and valid. Sen. Sonny (Trillanes) hits it in the jugular when he asserted that the Filipino public’s lack of awareness of the reality on the ground and the Duterte regime’s effective propaganda machine account for Duterte’s high popularity thus far,”she added.

De Lima was puzzled why Trillanes’ bashes claimed he had a “meltdown” in the interview.

“Verily, Duterte’s minions thrive on disinformation and deceptions. They twist facts and distort reality. They fabricate stories. They lie… They lie a lot,” she mentioned.

Source: politics.com.ph