NAY PYI TAW, Burma — President Duterte has sarcastically challenged Magdalo partylist Rep. Gary Alejano, a former army man, to “lead” in combating international superpower China, following studies Alejano will additional complement his impeachment criticism in opposition to Duterte for the President’s newest pronouncements on Benham rise and the disputed elements of the South China Sea.

“For one, if he wants to fight in China, he could lead…I would be glad to send him as the first batch of delegation of Filipinos who want to take the Spratlys island and all of these occupied now—sige (go ahead). Siya ang mauna (He goes first),” Duterte mentioned, in a media interview on the Horizon Lake View Hotel right here, following his assembly
with the Filipino neighborhood in Burma.

Alejano has slammed Duterte for allowing Chinese vessels’ presence in Benham Rise, and brought word of criticisms hurled in opposition to the President for  his perceived inaction on China’s building actions in disputed options of the West Philippine Sea.

“Ano ba pinagyayabang ninyo? (What are you boasting about?) You had your chance to show your bravery. Do not shit with me. May panahon na na dapat lumaban kayo. Yung itlog ninyo dumating naman sa bunganga ninyo. Tapos sabihin niyo bravery (There was a time when you should have fought.  But your balls got stuck in your mouths.  Then, you talk of bravery),” Duterte mentioned, referring to what he known as Magdalo’s mutiny try through the Arroyo administration. Duterte twitted the Magdalo for “surrendering.”

“Your bravery was tested and you failed miserably. so do not talk about bravery and all of these things. You are actually a shame. Pinag-aral kayo, ginastuhan ng gobyerno tapos ganun ang iyong ginawa sa bayan (The government sent you to school and invested in you and then that was what you did to the nation),” Duterte chided the previous mutineers.

“Anyway, ano ba ginawa ng grupo nila? (Anyway, what has their group achieved?) What have you done for the country? Nothing. Except to make noise,” Duterte mentioned, of the Magdalo.

Duterte reiterated his stand that to interact China in a battle would imply “slaughter for the Filipinos.”

“Di mapigilan kasi di natin kaya ang China.Hindi nga mapigilan ng Amerikano….Ngayon tinutulak nila tayo para makipagaway. (It will be inevitable because we cannot take on China.  Even the Americans could not stop China … Then they are pushing us to go to war.) And it would be a massacre… We are not in a position to declare war,”
Duterte mentioned.

“But I said to China that someday during my term as President, I would have to confront you about the arbitral ruling. And that would be maybe during the time you begin to extract minerals and the riches of what is inside the bowels of the earth,” Duterte added.

In his speech to the Filipino neighborhood, Duterte mentioned, on Scarborough Shoal: “I will not insist on sovereignty or anything like that. It is not within our territorial waters.”

The arbitration ruling, Duterte mentioned, “has nothing to do with the jurisdictions” however solely gave precedence “entitlement” over the realm to the Philippines, so ought to China attempt to extract minerals from the realm: “Kakalibitin ko siya: ‘Ako man rin may-ari niyan.’” (I’ll nudge them:  We additionally personal that.)

“So ngayon wala pa man [extraction], sige sila lagay ng structure diyan (Now that there is no extraction yet, let them place structures),” Duterte mentioned.

In the media interview, Duterte conceded, nevertheless, that the development actions “would disturb the navigation of the sea.”

“And that’s why it’s very important for China and the rest of the nations—especially the Asean—to come up with a code of conduct,” Duterte mentioned.  SFM

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