Jul 28, 2017 @ 18:57

Senator Leila de Lima is satisfied that the Duterte administration has coerced some high-profile inmates to lie and implicate her within the unlawful drug commerce in alternate of jail privileges.

“In any court of law, these testimonies are worthless,” De Lima stated.

“Criminals and convicts are only expected to lie and perjure themselves in exchange for an easy and even profitable life in prison, mespecially if the reward is pardon or commutation of sentence,” she stated.

De Lima cited new experiences that the lawyer of the Bilibid 19 reminded Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II of the “bargain” between the federal government and the drug convicts in alternate of the testimony. Lawyer Francis Acejas III claimed that returning the convicts to the utmost safety compound would possibly immediate some of them to retract their testimony towards De Lima.

“The privileges that they derived from the program will have to be taken away from them. One thing is sure, it will demoralized the witnesses under the program. In any kind of bargain, both parties will have to respect their mutual obligations,” the lawyer stated.

Reacting to Acejas’ assertion, De Lima stated this was one other proof of

This newest growth, De Lima stated, is nothing however one other proof of the federal government’s determined transactional try and pin her down.

“Criminal convicts with zero credibility and subject to the absolute mercy of Duterte and Aguirre were simply given the choice between an easy life and even pardon or harassment or even death, in exchange for fabricated testimonies against me,” she stated.

Among alleged jail privileges are the use of cell phones, wi-fi, TVs, air-con items and devices which are used on the continued operation of the drug commerce contained in the New Bilibid Prisons (NBP).

Source: politics.com.ph