Senator Leila de Lima can not assist however specific her dismay over the lack of public outrage over President Rodrigo Duterte’s newest rape joke, questioning why Filipinos enable him “to get away with so much.”

In an announcement Sunday (May 28), De Lima stated the general public ought to inform the President, whom she described as “disrespectful” and a “pervent,” that rape ought to by no means be a joke.

“Speak up. Do not allow this to continue. This is not right. Say so, for the sake of all that we hold as sacred and deserving of respect, do not be passive in the face of monstrosity. Otherwise, in the end, we might find that his sickness has become ours and our children’s,” she stated.

In a speech earlier than troopers in Iligan City Friday (May 27), Duterte joked that he would assume duty for presidency troops who rape no less than three ladies whereas martial regulation is in place in Mindanao.

De Lima seemed to be fed up with the President’s controversial remarks, saying that previously, he had boasted in regards to the individuals he killed and wantonly cursed officers.

“Now, he jokes about allowing soldiers to get away with raping women. The more, the better. In the middle of a crisis that he himself has characterized as being of such gravity that it necessitated the declaration of Martial Law over the whole of Mindanao, he insults women, soldiers and our entire nation with a sick “joke” that after once more attracts again the curtain and permits us to see the beast that lurks behind,” she stated.

“I am dismayed. I am furious. I am at a loss. My fury is impotent because there is one question I have no answer to: Why do my fellow Filipinos allow him to get away with so much? We who are a nation proud of our culture of dignity, civility and respect for one another—why are we now so willing to allow this sick mind to continue infecting our nation, including the minds of our children, with its perversity,” De Lima added.

The senator stated the passive angle of most Filipinos might solely be as a result of they really feel liable for voting for Duterte.

“But no. You are not responsible for what he does after you vote for him. You are, however, responsible for letting him get away with things like this with your silence. By electing him, he has not bought your souls and conscience—on the contrary, he now owes you his accountability,” she stated.

De Lima additionally lamented how the President painted the courageous women and men of the Armed Forces Philippines (AFP) like beasts as a substitute of the selfless, brave and honorable public servants that they’re.

“Who says they want a pass for committing [email protected] assaults and other animal-like behavior? The commander-in-chief is obviously not a gentleman, but why allow them to be brought down to his level by his words?” she stated.