Jul four, 2017 @ 21:30

President Rodrigo Duterte is standing by his declaration of martial law in Mindanao even when the Supreme Court has upheld its constitutionality.

Duterte justified his issuance of Proclamation No. 216 when it was identified Supreme Court justice disagreed along with his declaration of martial law.

“Well, I really would give due respect to the opinions, the dissenting ng tulad ng —questioning the martial law power of the President. Alam mo, it’s a ver — it’s a very shortsighted thing,” he advised reporters in Bulacan Tuesday (July four).

Duterte mentioned he wanted to declare martial law since it could have been simple for terrorists from central Mindanao to sow havoc throughout the complete island group as a result of provinces are shut to at least one one other.

“When you declare martial law, you have to use your coconut. The gray matter between your ears. Since that is very easy to escape because there is no — there is no division in terms of land. Tuluy-tuloy and they can go anywhere and they can have a spillover,” he mentioned.

The President mentioned martial law ought to have been declared in as early as September final yr after an evening market in Davao City was bombed.

“That is why months before, I was telling you, I’m warning the nation: Do not force my hand into it because if I will declare martial law, tatapusin talaga natin ‘to. For as long as there is one terrorist diyan sa Marawi na ‘yan, hindi hihinto ‘yan,” he mentioned.

Duterte mentioned his declaration of martial law was based mostly on the police and navy’s evaluation of the state of affairs in Marawi City as important.

“The word “critical” is my commonplace. Ang important sa iyo won’t be important to the justices of the Supreme Court. It won’t be a important kasi hindi naman — wala naman silang pakialam kung ilang tao ang namatay diyan,” he mentioned.

Voting 11-Three-1, the Supreme Court junked the petitions questioning Duterte’s foundation for declaring martial law.

According to sources, the lone dissenter was Associate Justice Marvic Leonen.

Source: politics.com.ph