Jul 28, 2017 @ 10:25

President Rodrigo Duterte’s phrase battle with Communist Party of the Philippines founder Jose Maria “Joma” Sison continues, with the Chief Executive difficult the latter to return dwelling to struggle his battles.

Facing reporters after visiting the wake of a slain police officer in Negros Oriental Thursday (July 27), Duterte mentioned Sison ought to return to the nation from The Netherlands if he have been really a revolutionary chief.

“Umuwi ka dito, dito ka mag-istambay and do not question my absence. It’s only God, pareho dito sa mga ano. May destiny tayong lahat na sinusunod. Pagka panahon mo na, panahon mo na,” he mentioned.

“Pero ikaw, huwag kang magpasarap diyan. Umuwi ka. Lahat ng gastos mo galing sa mga negosyo dito because of taxation,” Duterte added.

Sison, who has lived in exile in The Netherlands for over three a long time, earlier informed Duterte to see a psychiatrist as a result of he has a “sick mind.” This was his response to the President’s declare in his State of the Nation Address that he has colon most cancers.

Duterte mentioned he’ll welcome Sison, his former professor, ought to he determine to return dwelling.

“If you are really brave, if you are really sincere, come home and fight,” he mentioned.

Source: politics.com.ph