Jun 28, 2017 @ 12:06

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV has disputed pretend information that he was about to file a lawsuit towards the British Broadcasting Corp. (BBC) for supposed being insulted in an interview with program host Stephen Sackur.

The senator, in a letter to BBC director normal Tony Hall and duplicate furnished to the present’s producer/director Ian O’reilly and Sackur, host of BBC World’s HARDTalk program, stated he was really honored to be invited as a useful resource individual on BBC.

“Please be assured that I have no plans of suing your company. On the contrary, I am very satisfied with how the interview was conducted by Mr. Stephen Sackur as I was given a chance to give my insights about the real situation in our country,” he stated.

“Please understand that I have been a target of a massive well-funded black propaganda campaign by the social media troll organization of the Duterte administration. This propaganda is also being used to swarm various media organizations and personalities to create an impression that there is an overwhelming support for President Duterte’s deadly war on drugs,” Trillanes.

“I hope that you will continue covering the current issues in the Philippines and won’t get deceived by these tactics of the Duterte social media trolls,” he added.

Trillanes has been the topic of bashing and mock by critics and netizens in addition to on-line information websites, together with satirical weblog websites for what had been described as “devastating”, “destructive” interview with Sackur.

A video of Trillanes’ interview final June 21 went viral after being advised by Sackur his detrimental feedback towards President Duterte had been “out of tune with ordinary Filipino opinion.”

Source: politics.com.ph