President Rodrigo Duterte will solely have himself accountable if the International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor decides to analyze him for being a mass assassin who ordered the execution the execution of not less than 1,000 drug addicts and pushers each month since he took over Malacanang.

In an interview with CNN Philippines’s Pinky Webb, worldwide legislation skilled Tony La Vina mentioned

“The biggest problem for the President that might endanger him for prosecution is his language. If the President would only be more careful and be more calm,” Lavina mentioned.
“It’s up to him, that’s the risk he takes. I’m certainly not going to tell him to change. If he continues to do that he will get prosecuted,” mentioned La Vina.

Lawyer Jude Sabio, counsel of self-confessed hitman Edgar Matobato, has filed a communication with the ICC urging its prosecutor to analyze Duterte for crimes towards humanity in view of the mounting physique depend from his Davao Death Squad-style struggle on medication.

Aside from saying “I will kill you” advert infinitum in his speeches, the President has additionally exhorted the police tokill him if obligatory in his struggle on medication. He has even promised to present them pardon if convicted and to advertise them two ranks greater.

La Vina mentioned the President also needs to make a distinction that he solely wished the drug lords and pushers killed and never the drug addicts as a result of “it would be a crime against humanity to go against user or addicts.”
“If the phrases of a pacesetter outcomes into actions of a gaggle of individuals, that particular person could be accountable for prosecution.
He says it on a regular basis that addicts must be killed,” mentioned Lavina.

La Vina mentioned that whereas Filipinos have a greater understanding of the President’s language,his statements take on a special shade within the worldwide neighborhood which takes his threats extra critically.

Last October, ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensuoda mentioned: “I am deeply concerned about these alleged killings and the fact that public statements of high officials of the Republic of the Philippines seem to condone such killings and further seem to encourage State forces and civilians alike to continue targeting these individuals with lethal force.”

La Vina mentioned that Duterte’s alleged additional judicial killings have grow to be “top of mind” not solely of the ICC, United Nations, and human rights teams however of “every national legal expert I communicate with and there are hundreds of them” because of the media consideration the wave of killings they’ve been getting.