Malacañang is assured that the federal government can make do with out future grants from the European Union (EU) if they are going to be supplied to the nation with strings hooked up.

In a press briefing Thursday (May 18), presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella mentioned President Rodrigo Duterte has proven he can usher in international aid from varied sources.

“As you can very well see from the past achievements of the President, he has brought in an enormous amount — huge slabs of bacon,” he mentioned.

Abella mentioned the nation’s efficiency because the second quickest rising financial system in Asia ought to be an assurance that the federal government can maintain tasks which may be left with out funds in the event that they fall underneath the grants from EU that the administration rejects.

“I think we need to gain a certain — a certain confidence in ourselves you know. And that this is exactly the kind of mentality I think that the President wants the Filipinos to avoid: a mendicant attitude, you know,” he mentioned.

“We’re not giving you a spin. The economic results that was — that we are growing and, in fact, we are improving and we can manage,” Abella added.

The Palace official clarified that the federal government isn’t rejecting all varieties of aid from EU, however solely future grants “that may allow it to interfere with the internal policies of the Philippines.”

EU’s aid to the Philippines, bulk of which fits to Muslim communities, is estimated to be value about $278 million or 50 million Euros.