Aug 22, 2017 @ eight:17

Former Customs Commissioner Nic Faeldon believes that his departure from the Bureau of Customs amid stress from each senators and congressmen was for the country’s best curiosity.

“My relief from my post is the best for our country. I urge everyone to continue to support the reform agendas and the development programs of the President,” stated Faeldon in an announcement Tuesday morning.

“I thank everyone who has supported the Bureau of Customs during my stay and I appeal to the BOC employees and to the public to support the new commissioner. Thank you very much,” stated Faeldon who had filed his resignation thrice however which was additionally rejected thrice by the President.

Duterte advised choose Malacanang reporters in an after dinner press convention about his determination to nominate Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) Director Isidro Lapeña as the new BOC chief.

But Duterte stated he would look for one other authorities post for Faeldon who as amongst the first to persuade him to run for

“I need men of his caliber. Faeldon. I… Si… Naisahan lang siya eh. Alam mo, ang rotten talaga diyanis the system, if I may say so. Not necessarily the person,” stated Duterte referring to the P6.four billion shabu cargo which slipped by means of the BOC’s inexperienced lane system.

“The Bureau of Customs has a rotten system. You need somebody to have a system there. A new one and a competent military man can do it just like General Lapeña,” stated Duterte.