Sep 5, 2017 @ 18:59

President Rodrigo Duterte revealed his bond with the one son of the alte President Ferdinand Marcos.

In an interview with reporters Tuesday, Duterte revealed that he and former Senator Bongbong Marcos toured the Philippines on his big bike on the top of energy of the late President Marcos.

Duterte, who’s 13 years older than Marcos, mentioned that their friendship was restricted to driving bikes and hanging out with one another. “I am just a friend, because I know them from way, way back. Si (Bongbong) Marcos noon-noon, when we were young, we were riding the motorcycles, the big bike. And we used to tour the Philippines on big bike,” he mentioned.

“That is why he is my friend. But it ends there. And it does not creep into any other fields of endeavors that they may have taken during the Presidency of his father,” he added.

Previously, Dutete revealed that he additionally toured the nation on a big bike with Senator Gringo Honasan.

Duter’s father, Vicente, was Secretary of General Services within the Marcos Cabinet from 1965 till his death in 1968. Duterte mentioned Bongbong’s sister, Ilocos Norte Governor, Imee Marcos, was one of many few native authorities officers who supported him in his upset of a victory within the 2016 presidential elections.