Alleged PR man of Mar-Leni marketing campaign staff in 2016 mocked the households of the slain 44 members of PNP-Special Action Forces (SAF) in his post on Facebook.

Veteran journalist Philip Lustre Jr. praised the households of the troopers who died in Marawi Crisis for being ‘accepted the fate of their relatives’ and mocked the households of the slain SAF44 ‘who made unnecessary annoying noises’

According to him, households of the slain troopers in Marawi is aware of the chance that their kinfolk could also be die within the battle, not in contrast to the households of the SAF44 who can’t settle for the destiny of their kinfolk.

“Most admirable. The stoic attitude of the families of soldiers who had perished in Marawi siege, is more admirable unlike the families of certain police officers of the Mamasapano 44,” Lustre Jr. stated in his Facebook post.

“They have accepted the fate of their relatives. No complaints, no recriminations. No histrionics, no dramatics. They have reasoned out that it was something bound to happen because it was the calling of their relatives,” he added.

Lustre believed that the households of the slain troopers in Marawi deserved ‘entitlement’ than the households of the slain SAF44 who criticized the previous Aquino administration for allegedly letting their kinfolk die in battle with none backup help.

“They hardly feel any sense of entitlement unlike some families of the Mamasapano 44, who made a lot of unnecessary noises. They are grieving quietly, shedding tears of sorrow. We join and condole them in their moments of bereavement. We hug them in a moment of genuine compassion. They are our fallen heroes” Lustre Jr. stated

Pro-Duterte blogger Sass Rogando Sasot posted the post of Philip Lustre Jr. on her social media web page and launched him as a part of the Roxas-Robredo marketing campaign staff which he already denied because the election interval.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr Philip Lustre Jr of the Roxas-Robredo campaign team.” Sasot stated in her post.

The post of Lustre jr. obtained mass criticisms from the netizens who idolized the heroism of the slain SAF44 who fought till their final bullet towards the rebels.

Two years in the past, Lustre Jr. additionally confronted controversy after he accused President Rodrigo Duterte of getting a most cancers of the throat.

President Duterte who was the mayor of Davao City throughout that point slammed Lustre Jr. and claimed that the journalist was working for Mar Roxas.

“If it is true that Philip Lustre Jr. is a PR of Roxas and he won’t stop what he is doing, then I will let the whole world know who really Mar Roxas is, don’t blame me,” Duterte stated throughout the election interval.

Source: pinoytrending