Senator Leila de Lima has expressed her gratitude to the parliament of the European Union (EU) for calling for her launch from detention over drug-related charges.

In a observe written from her cell in Camp Crame Saturday (March 18), De Lima stated going over the transcripts of the EU parliament plenary’s session on her case “has tremendously lifted my spirits.”

“These are learned men and women from various parts of the continent believing in my innocence and championing the causes of truth and justice for the 7,000-plus Filipinos who are victims thus far of the state-sanctioned or state-sponpsonred EJKs (extrajudicial killings),” she stated.

“Lies and deception don’t work with and are rejected by enlightened minds,” the senator added.

In a decision authorized March 16, the European Parliament urged the federal government to free De Lima instantly “and for her to be provided with adequate security whilst in detention.”

De Lima has been detained on the Philippine National police Custodial Center over drug buying and selling charges filed by the Department of Justice.

Heartened by the help she is getting from the worldwide group, De Lima couldn’t assist however comment: “Thank you Europe! Thank you world!”