Phillipines consultant for the United Nations Teddy Locsin slammed Vice President Leni Robredo after he heard the information that the girl politician thought of the decrimnalization of illegal drugs like shabu or methamphetamine in the Philippines.

In a discussion board in the University of the Philippines, she urged the scholar to supply an different to the authorities’s battle on drugs like decriminalizing the possession of illegal drugs.

The Vice President talked about Portugal as an instance of a ‘triumphant’ motion towards illegal drugs by decriminalizing the possession of it and focus in rehabilitating them.

“Why don’t we look at the best practices and try them, because we have enough lessons in the past from other countries to determine what works and what doesn’t,” she informed the college students of U.P

But Teddy Locsin didn’t like the suggestion of the Vice President and he labeled the girl politician as ‘idiot’ on his twitter post.

In his tweet, Locsin stated that legalizing illegal drugs is like legalizing the drug-related crimes like rape and homicide.

“This woman is a real idiot. Let’s legalize murder while we’re at it and rape as well. Legalize use you cartelize pushing,” Locsin stated in his tweet.

Locsin additionally claimed that the Vice President ‘proposed legalizing drug use to legalize drug pushing’, however the supporters of Leni Robredo stated that decriminalizing is completely different in legalizing.

In his one other post, Locsin stated that he praised some of the traits of Robredo, however it made him dissatisfied that the Vice President is now pushing the decriminalization of illegal drugs.


“I praised Leni as best campaigner, beautiful woman, good debater, credible winner then she wants to switch heads & legalize drugs. Blame me?” Locsin stated in his tweet.

Several Pro-Duterte bloggers additionally reacted on the statements of the Vice President together with Sass Rogando Sassot who schooled the girl politician on her post.

She stated that Robredo doesn’t know that like Portugal the Philippine Law already required the arrested drug addicts to face rehabilitation program in a authorities heart for the first offense.

The blogger additionally informed the Vice President that nations like Mexico failed the drug battle as a result of of the authorities neglect, she set the Espinosas of Leyte as an instance of a robust and armed drug pusher.

Blogger RJ Nieto additionally reacts on the assertion of the Vice President and he stated that the Robredo ought to snort shabu on dwell tv.


Source: pinoytrending