Jul 11, 2017 @ 20:12

President Rodrigo Duterte expects the Marawi warfare to finish in 10 to 15 days however he hopes to get his boots on the bottom earlier than and never after the taking pictures ends.

In a speech on the Philippine Stock Exchange, Duterte stated he was decided to hitch his males on the battlefield as a result of he was the one who declared martial legislation in Mindanao and ordered the troopers and police “to go there and fight and die.”

“The other day I attempted again, but Marawi is always a rainy place. I was circling Marawi, I could not land, I could not go down nearer baka matyambahan kami ng Barrett na caliber 50. ‘Pag tinamaan ‘yang gasolinahan na ‘yan, sasabog talaga ‘yan,” stated Duterte in explaining why his first try needed to be aborted.

“But I really wanted to be there, to be just with the fighting security forces, maski magpakita lang doon, maski matamaan basta dito lang sa puwet, huwag lang sa harap,” deadpanned Duterte in one other joke about how he treasured his manhood.

“Sa likod, sa puwet wala ‘yan, buto lang ‘yan diyan. I’ll try again not because — it’s not braggadocio?. It’s just ayaw kung magpunta doon na peaceful na,” he stated.

Duterte stated he would attempt once more to land within the battle zone within the subsequent few days.
“Gusto kong pumunta doon, ‘yung hindi naman ako maipasubo ng sundalo na really, basta ilayo lang ako nang kaunti, basta I want to be there while there is still fighting so that I can observe,” he stated.

Source: politics.com.ph