KABUL, Afghanistan (Reuters) — The Taliban are rapidly altering and are using intelligence assets in finishing up assaults in opposition to the Afghan authorities and army, in accordance to some political analysts in Afghanistan.

On April 21, 10 Taliban militants disguised in military uniforms snuck into the 209th Corps military base in northern Balkh province, capturing scores of unarmed troopers and officers. Local media reported that the death toll of the assault has surpassed 250.

The closely armed militants sitting in two army Ranger jeeps handed a number of safety gates below the pretext of carrying wounded individuals to the bottom hospital.

The assailants, holding faux paperwork, additionally detonated two suicide bomb blasts inside the bottom, positioned on the outskirts of the provincial capital of Mazar-i-Sharif. One assailant with a suicide jacket was captured after a four-hour firefight.

“Four persons of these attackers, before they were there, maybe for one or two years they worked there, they were in the military service. They know all these schedules. They arrived there, and after, they showed their documents to the first checkpoint,” Waheed Mujda, an Afghan political analyst, mentioned.

“The second checkpoint was the same thing. And the last checkpoint, they should submit their documents and they gave their weapons there, and after, they can go further. But at this time, they started their attacks,” Mujda mentioned.

Taliban militants have carried out numerous assaults concentrating on governmental and army businesses lately, and Enayat Nasir, an Afghan political analyst, mentioned that the Taliban presumably have intelligence personnel within the attacked businesses.

“If you see it from the Taliban side, they are rapidly working on their tactics, they are changing their tactics. In some incidents, it is really hard to identify what tactic they use. Some tactics are very new that cannot be analyzed by the Afghan military. This is from Taliban side, they have good intelligence information, they have good technical resources.” mentioned Nasir.

The Taliban insurgency has been on a rampage for the reason that starting of 2015 when the Afghan safety forces assumed full accountability of safety from the United States and North Atlantic Treaty Organization troops.

Source: eaglenewsph