President Rodrigo Duterte blasted Benigno ‘Noynoy’ Aquino III after the previous President mentioned that nobody occurred within the struggle on medication of the present administration.

During his speech on the 113th Anniversary celebration of Bureau of Internal Revenue in Diliman Quezon City, the powerful speaking President threatens to behead his predecessor if Aquino tried to enter unlawful medication enterprise.

“Wala bang nangyari? Sige subukan mong pumasok sa droga, kung di kita pugutan ng ulo..” President Rodrigo Duterte mentioned.

The President additionally talked about the 5 narco generals who allied themselves to former President Aquino and defeated Presidential candidate Mar Roxas.

“G*** ka, mga generals mo… puro nakadroga, konektado”

Duterte additionally teased the previous President, saying that Aquino by no means delivered an impromptu speech.

In an interview, former President Noynoy Aquino questioned the effectiveness of the struggle on unlawful medication launched by the present administration.

He additionally mentioned that regardless of of not launching struggle on medication, Aquino boasted that his administration was abled to cut back unlawful medication consumer throughout his time.

“Parang wala yatang nangyari.” Aquino mentioned whereas speaking in regards to the struggle on medication of the present administration.

Source: classifiedtrends