Jul 22, 2017 @ 11:28

National Security Adviser Hermogenes Esperon gained’t let Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) founder Joma Sison get away with calling President Rodrigo Duterte a power-hungry chief “obsessed” with martial regulation.

In a press convention in Malacanang Friday, Esperon mentioned it was Sison who has an obsession with “armed struggle” as he and his communist comrades have continued to stonewall on a peace pact provided by Duterte to finish a bloody insurgency which began with with the founding of the CPP in 1968.

“Is he (Duterte) obsessed by martial law? Is he obsessed by power? Kung ikaw ay pangunahing advocate ng federalism which distributes power to the regions, are you obsessed with power and martial law?” requested Esperon.

“Eh si Joma Sison. Baka may obsession din siya. Is he obsessed with arms struggle? I don’t know. But of course— This is… there is democratic space so the good professor is entitled to his own opinion about the President but I must say, the President is not obsessed about martial law,” Esperon added.

Last Thursday, Sison issued an announcement reacting to to Duterte’s resolution to droop all talks with the CPP-National Democratic Front of the Philippines as a result of continued treacherous assaults by the New Peoples Army towards troopers, polices and civilians.

He mentioned there was no want for peace talks “if the Duterte regime is obsessed with martial rule and mass murder as the way to solve social, economic and political problems.” Sison is opposing Duterte’s declaration of martial regulation in Mindanao and his enchantment for a five-month extension.

Esperon mentioned the President has publicly expressed “remorse” for declaring martial regulation and he even personally apologized to the individuals of Marawi.

“If there is any official of the land who regretted having declared martial law, it would be the President. But nandiyan ang problema. Maraming imminent threats, merong real threats. And martial law could be one of the tools. So bakit ‘di natin gamitin? Tutal, nakalagay naman sa Constitution ‘yan,” ESperon mentioned.

“So obsessed si Presidente sa martial law? I think he is obsessed with good governance. He is obsessed with developing Mindanao. He’s obsessed with serving the people. Can we say that of Mr. Joma Sison? Ayaw ko naman siyang tawaran ano. So let that be taken as a comment from somebody who is on the other side of the fence anyway,” he added.

Esperon was hopeful that Sison would “reconsider” his level of view on his former scholar.

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Source: politics.com.ph