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Senate Minority Leader Frank Drilon on Saturday mentioned he would oppose any transfer to abolish the Court of Appeals (CA) by Speaker Bebot Alvarez.

Alvarez threatened to dissolve the CA after one in all its divisions issued an order compelling the House of Representatives to launch the staff of the Ilocos Norte provincial authorities.

“We will oppose any move to abolish the CA as it would affect the entire judicial system,” Drilon mentioned in an announcement.

Instead of threatening the CA, Drilon urged Alvarez to avail of the cures underneath the legislation.

“The dispute can be settled in the Supreme Court where both parties can argue their position. Any error that may have been committed by a division or by the members of the court should not be taken against the CA as an institution,” he emphasised.

Drilon mentioned the Senate has had its share of victories and defeats in the courts over time.

“However, it is not right to use the powers of Congress against the CA or any institution just because we do not agree with their decision. We may run out of courts if that were so,” he mentioned.

“Our judges and justices sometimes commit errors of judgment or jurisdiction, but the institution should not be made to suffer from such mistakes,” he added.


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