Sep 27, 2017 @ 20:43

Senator Loren Legarda on Tuesday handed the buck to Sen. Francis Pangilinan on the difficulty on the alleged exclusion of seven of their colleagues from the now controversial Senate resolution No. 516.

Legarda is without doubt one of the 16 signatories in the resolution launched by these from the ranks of the minority bloc calling on the federal government to cease the killings of minors.

She pointed to Pangilinan after Sen. Richard Gordon stated that she requested that or not it’s circulated to solicit the signature of all of the senators.

“I heard the distinguished senator from Batangas, Sen. Legarda, that she did know about it and she even asked if this resolution is going to be circulated and signed by everyone,” Gordon, who was amongst these “excluded” from being co-authors, famous on the ground simply as when senators engaged in a heated debate on the stated resolution.

“You said it and you said it to me just a while ago, that you’re going to ask everybody (to sign it). She said that she signed it and she asked the person circulating it to make sure that all the others,” Gordon added.

Legarda opted to interject Gordon’s manifestation to clarify that it was Pangilinan who was ​circulating the resolution to solicit signatures of senators.

“Yes, it was Sen. Pangilinan who came to Sen. (Nancy) Binay and then next to me and gave me a folder for a resolution and then Sen. Kiko left it on my desk, I think I was doing my paper works as always​,” she stated.

“​He said I’ll just come back for it and I said let me read, I went through it and I agreed that’s why I affixed my signature and Nancy was beside me. Sen. Binay, she said ‘yes I signed.’​”​

​”​I feel he talked about there are 14 who’ve signed and I stated don’t neglect my different seatmates, Sen. (Cynthia) Villar and the others there. And you then (Pangilinan) proceeded to go across the corridor and I don’t know what occurred after that Mr. President, in order that’s all,” Legarda defined.

“I just clarified the mention of my name. Sen. Binay is a witness to that, I said ‘please let the others sign the resolution as well because I thought that’s an acceptable resolution which I wanted my signature affixed to. That’s all,” she added.

The stated resolution which additionally referred to as for a brand new spherical of Senate investigation on the killings of minors to find out if there are “institutional reasons” that gave rise to the killings, grew to become a “hot” concern on the ground as those that didn’t affix their signature claimed they have been intentionally overlooked from being co-authors.