A Marcos loyalist posted a photo of Senator Kiko Pangilinan and Risa Hontiveros taken throughout their go to to Senator Leila De Lima in Camp Crame went viral on the web.

The photo reveals the 2 senator allegedly holding one another’s hand whereas strolling contained in the Philippine National Police Headquarters.

Viral photo of Pangilinan and Hontiveros Photo: Eric Mabini

Eric Mabini posted the photo on his Facebook timeline and he criticized the 2 senators for doing ‘immorality’ in public.

Hontiveros is widowed since 2005 whereas Senator Kiko Pangilinan is married to legendary OPM artist Sharon Cuneta.

“If this picture is real, was not edited, not fictitious and not a hoax. Then, individiuals on the picture are the most b——hyocrite entities in the history of the Philippine politics these days,” Mabini mentioned.

The Marcos Loyalist even cursed Pangilinan and Hontiveros for being candy throughout their go to in Leila De Lima’s detention cell.

“I swear to god, up to the last heirs of my blood, I will tell everything of your evilness, wickedness, immorality and hypocrisy against the Filipino nation to my sons and daughters. I swear, that they will remember you as their enemy of the state for the rest of our lives,” He mentioned.

The netizens additionally reacted on the viral photo of Pangilinan and Hontiveros.

But a netizen seen that the digicam angle may be the suspect within the viral photo of Pangilinan and Hontiveros.

According to Vilma Villareal, it seems that Pangilinan was forward whereas Hontiveros swinging her palms that created an phantasm that they’re holding one another’s hand.

Meanwhile, Sharon Cuneta flew to United States of America for a trip and it the netizens had been asking if the viral photo was one of many the reason why the OPM artist wished a relaxation for some time.

The camp of the 2 senator was not but confirming if the photo was edited or not.

Source: pinoytrending