Jul 31, 2017 @ 21:31

The Senate has obtained the names of Bureau of Customs officers concerned in a payola rip-off which leed to the discharge of P6.Four-billion price of shabu from China by way of the categorical route or “green lane.”

“It would lead to the unraveling of many things in BOC,” Sen. Richard Gordon, blue ribbon committee chair, mentioned after suspending Senate inquiry into the most important shabu cargo into the nation.

“A little bit of both but more on the payola,” Gordon mentioned, referring to the disclosures made by alleged customs dealer Mark Ruben Taguba II in a closed-door proceedings.

“Yes he (Tguba) was a willing witness. He wrote it. I made him write it. I did not want him to say it. I want him to write it in his own handwriting,” the senator mentioned.

Gordon, nevertheless, refused to offer particulars on those that may presumably be held liable throughout the BOC, but gave hints the personalities have been from “top to bottom.”

“What has been established is that there’s corruption and incompetence within the Customs which everybody knows and we’re nearer to identifying that. There will definitely be liabilities,if that is to be pursued. As I’ve said, up and down (ang involvement),” he mentioned.

Gordon cited Taguba’s function in transporting the mentioned cargo to the warehouse in Valenzuela City the place it was seized in a raid by the BOC and Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) brokers.

“Whatever he gave in the exec session, people will think and imagine he has said something. Whether he said something or not, it doesn’t matter, we have to give him protective custody. (But) he’s not out of the woods. We’re still unraveling the problem,” he mentioned.

Source: politics.com.ph