Jul eight, 2017 @ 9:43

Former Senator Rene Saguisag shouldn’t be pleased with the primary 365 days of fellow San Beda alumnus President Rodrigo Duterte and he let all of it out in a rant of a column on the Manila Times.

“Has Digong’s ascent from local mayor to the presidency, been good or bad karma for the nation? Aside from Honeylet Avanceña and his reported two kulasisis in Davao City, where his children are mayor and vice mayor (the Durants’ “paradise of pedigree”), and his alleged kalaguyo in Cagayan de Oro, his fellow Davaoeños and frat brods, how many people can really say “I am better off today than a year ago?” requested Saguisag in his July 7 diatribe.

“What used to be denied is now flaunted, very much in the open. Prez Digong does not deny, but even exhibits, if you know what I mean. Change has come, and I just may have to eat my heart out here,” he added.

Saguisag sounded off on how Duterte has not gained any conflict whether or not or not it’s in opposition to medication or in opposition to China’s “creeping baseless spurious irredentism” which has reducedthe nation’s territory or in opposition to the more severe than ever “killer traffic” which seems to haven’t affected Duterte in any respect as he has stated or performed nothing about it.

“To be fair, Digong is entitled to his fair share of rookie errors or lapses. But, positive change must come, beginning with bettering and refining his limited vocabulary. Has his continued cussing given us a better life? His audiences may stop applauding. Kumita na po ‘yan,” stated Saguisag.

Source: politics.com.ph