President Duterte will probably be investigated and tried earlier than the International Criminal Court (ICC) for the alleged extrajudicial executions of greater than 1,400 individuals in Davao City based mostly on the testimonies of Edgar Matobato and retired SPO3 Arthur Lascanas.

Lawyer Jude Sabio, in submitting a prison case for crimes against humanity against Duterte and his senior officers earlier than the ICC, is holding the President accountable for the alleged bloody purge he induced whereas he was nonetheless mayor of Davao.

The testimonies of Matobato and Lascanas, who each admitted being half up to now of the Davao Death Squad (DDS), confirmed that Duterte, as then mayor of Davao City, has direct data of and participation within the killings of the group.

“In fact, he has publicly admitted that he is the DDS and that he killed not just 700 but 1,700 persons. Furthermore, he has also admitted that he killed three to four persons while he was the mayor and in one instance, he did it to show to the police that if he could do it then they should be able to do it themselves,” Sabio stated in a 77-page communication submitted to the ICC.

Sabio, lawyer of Matobato, additionally talked about the President’s public pronouncements the place he boasted that he often went out at evening in Davao City to search for a confrontation with a suspected prison in order that he would have the ability to kill.

“Since he is also aware and knows about the extrajudicial executions in his war on drugs, he is sought directly to be criminally liable. In the alternative, since he knows or has reason to know of the continuing commission of the extrajudicial executions or mass murders ever since he was mayor of Davao City, his failure to stop such criminal conduct in his war on drugs now that he is already the President, just like his evident failure in Davao City, makes him criminally liable under the principle of command responsibility,” he stated.

Sabio stated Duterte must also be held responsible for his failure to cease the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) from committing the crimes of homicide, persecution, psychological torture and imprisonment.

“Furthermore, his serious threats to kill and his public incitement of the police and the public to mass murder and violence with the air of furthering the commission of extrajudicial executions, with his knowledge and as part of a conscious aim to encourage the attack on a civilian population, make him directly criminally liable or responsible for crimes against humanity through murder,” stated Sabio.

The lawyer additionally stated Duterte is responsible for his public statements labelling drug customers as criminals with out the good thing about due course of, for calling on the police to kill these criminals and for promising to pardon policemen who perform his sweeping orders to kill drug customers and sellers, whatever the findings of different investigative authorities companies and even in case of conviction by native courts.