The authorities’s gatekeeper of squatter relocation believes there shall be extra housing occupation of idle authorities housing initiatives by the left-leaning Kalipunan ng Damayang Mahihirap (Kadamay) till the the housing backlog is resolved.

“You have houses without people and your people without houses, that is something that I’m quite certain will still, you know, parang another Kadamay will most definitely happen again,” stated Presidential Commission on Urban Poor Chair Terry Ridon.

“I cannot speak for Kadamay, ano? But I think more or less talagang ano po ito eh, for as long as we, as government, we failed to resolve the housing problem, talagang ano ho ‘yan eh, it’s going to be a systemic challenge for everyone,” added Ridon, a former consultant of the Kabataan party-list, a member of Makabayan bloc in Congress.

Around 5,000 households linked to Kadamay forcibly took over final month six housing initiatives in Pandi, Bulacan for personnel of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police.

Forced right into a nook, Duterte has determined to let the Kadamay usurpers keep in the housing initiatives moderately than danger a PR catastrophe of closely armed troopers and police forcibly hauling out the unlawful occupants. But Duterte declared that the Pandi housing occupation could be the final as he deliberate to arm guards in different housing initiatives with a bazooka to carry of any extra unlawful occupation of presidency properties.
Ridon, nonetheless, was not taking Duterte’s menace actually.

“It serves as a warning that I don’t think that the President will look kindly again for another occupation. But syempre we also wanted to state na this is a systemic matter ‘no that we really have to confront as government so ano ‘yan, talagang if you fail to make actual steps towards resolving the housing crisis, I am quite certain something like this will happen again,” stated Ridon.

Ridon believed that the President has a tender coronary heart for the roofless and would probably tolerate extra Kadamay-like conditions.