A broadcasting arm of the Presidential Communications Office has issued a public apology for the mistaken airing of a movie on its official Facebook web page.

“RTVM would like to apologize for a film that was accidentally aired live at the Presidential Communications Facebook page today, June 2, 2017,” the RTVM mentioned in a press release.

“The film was erroneously played for a few seconds by our technician that was doing a test on the equipment set-up,” mentioned the RTVM led by Dennis Pabalan.

The RTVM promised to stop one other blunder within the documentation of the President’s actions.

“We regret that this slip-up happened while we continue to work on our daily broadcast documentation and coverage of presidential engagements. We remain committed to our mission in serving the Filipino people through news dissemination with the widest communication reach,” it mentioned.


Oops! Presidential Communications Office airs pirated ‘Logan’ movie on Facebook dwell

Source: politics.com.ph