‎Women has by no means had it so good in phrases of gender equality however that’s solely in the real world.

Vice President Leni Robredo stated girls had been essentially the most susceptible to bullying ‎in cyberspace the place it was harder to implement extra gender impartial remedy.

“There are emerging threats like the abuse that women get on social media for standing up for what they believe in. In some respects, protecting a woman’s dignity and character is more difficult in the virtual sphere. Where just about anyone can make irresponsible comments often anonymously,” stated Robredo in a speech on the Global Summit of Women in Tokyo Japan.

“Our laws have not yet caught up with the virtual world because proving cyber harassment is still a trenchant challenge,” stated Robredo who has been the goal of vicious assaults and disinformation from biased bloggers and trolls.

She stated it was unlucky that ladies’s rights haven’t but caught up in cyberspace particularly at a time when girls empowerment has been rising everywhere in the globe.
Robredo‎ stated: “It is a great time for women to be alive. In my country the Philippines, in Japan, and all over the world, there has never been so much global recognition of the value of women than today.”
She stated the Philippines ranked seventh amongst 145 international locations in the lobal gender hole index – the best ranked nation in the Asia-Pacific area and the one in the highest 10.

We have girls senators, congresswomen, governors and mayors, and extra than 37% of senior administration and board choices are held by girls in our nation – a testomony of the energy, excellence, and professionalism of Filipinas,” stated Robredo who lead delegation of 46 high Filipina businesswomen and authorities officers largely CEOs of main enterprises in the Tokyo summit.

“When we watch the news, we see among the world’s most powerful people, women who are making policies that empower the global economy. Leading large corporations or changing the world through their work in development,” she stated.
“As women get a tighter foothold in the world of business, we hope that this advancement in their empowerment will be mirrored down on the ground where poor women have a much harder time breaking the glass ceiling‎,” she added.

Source: politics.com.ph