Vice President Leni Robredo in her six-minute video message recorded for a side session to the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs annual meeting in Vienna on Thursday, March 16, 2017. The video was presented by a Washington-based non government organization which is against drug wars in general. (Photo grabbed from Robredo's video message)
Vice President Leni Robredo in her six-minute video message recorded for a side-session to the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs annual assembly in Vienna, Austria on Thursday, March 16, 2017. The video was offered by a Washington-based nongovernment group which is in opposition to drug wars normally. (Screenshot from Robredo’s video message)

(Eagle News) — The Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption lashed out at Vice President Leni Robredo on Monday, saying she ought to apologize for her “despicable act of treachery.”

The impartial anticrime watchdog was referring to Robredo’s issuance of a video assertion earlier than the worldwide group, which was launched on-line on March 13.

In the 6-minute video revealed by final week, Robredo was seen allotting criticisms of Duterte’s drug battle,  saying police have been so abusive they beat folks up in the event that they requested for a search warrant for the conduct of an anti-drug operation.

“Since July last year, more than 7000 people have been killed in summary executions,” she had stated.

At one level, she additionally criticized what she stated was the “palit-ulo” scheme, which she stated sees police arresting one other member of the household of a drug suspect if she or he was not at house upon their arrival.

Philippine National Police Director General Ronald dela Rosa has, nevertheless, denied Robredo’s model of the scheme, saying below their model, policemen charge suspects for a lighter offense in the event that they establish people who occupy increased positions within the drug provide chain.

“(Vice President Robredo’s act of) blatantly bringing before the international community unfounded allegations against human rights in connection with the Philippine government’s war against drugs (is) a despicable act of treachery, unFilipino, unpatriotic and a serious breach of trust against the Filipino people,” VACC President Dante Jimenez stated in a press release.

He stated Robredo reported “very serious allegations” to the “UN or to the international community in general without even verifying her data,” as an example her information on the quantity of folks supposedly killed in abstract executions.

He additionally identified that Robredo’s “ugly” portrayal of the palit-ulo scheme was fallacious.

“As we understand it, it when a drug suspect commits to help in the arrest of a ‘bigger fish’ in syndicated illegal drugs,” Jimenez stated, noting that the police had additionally emphasised that this was “not a procedure in Oplan Tokhang.”

According to the VACC president,  “it should have been more prudent and patriotic for the VP to make clarifications or consult the PNP before putting the country to shame on the international map with her unfounded allegations.”

Tantamount to treason

“With hearsay information, she is vilifying before the world her own government…which she (has) sworn to protect as elected vice president. She is ruthlessly shaming before the global community the President she has mandated to serve… She is recklessly destroying the image of her own country with her own charges. In the process, she is pulling down Filipinos. This is a treacherous act and as an elected official, this is tantamount to treason,” he stated.


“Now an impeachment complaint is being contemplated against her, and rightly so,” he added.

Jimenez stated Robredo ought to apologize to Duterte “for ruthlessly undermining the government for the sake of politics.”





Source: eaglenewsph