There’s nothing stunning in regards to the newest report alleging anew the existence of extrajudicial killings below the Duterte administration, Sen. Grace Poe mentioned Wednesday (April 19).

“The report, based on interviews given by the two police officers, merely confirms what most of us believe to be so and that the only dispute that muddles such phenomenon among political partisans is either the actual number of police-managed murder of mostly petty drug suspects or whether such victims actually deserved to be killed for our society’s sake,” she mentioned in a textual content message to reporters.

“Truth or mere perception, either way, the police institution will definitely be destroyed if this persists,” Poe added.

Instead of going after these unidentified police sources quoted by Reuters in its particular report, Poe urged Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Ronald dela Rosa to unmask and maintain accountable these partaking in abstract killings, whether or not they’re uniformed personnel or not.

“This practice deserves the strongest condemnation and the police organization through its chief PNP has to stop this and pursue the conduct of an honest to goodness investigation and prosecution of all involved,” she mentioned.

Similar case has already been established as proven within the killing of the late Albuera, Leyte Mayor Rolano Espinosa Sr. the place investigation confirmed that it was a premeditated homicide by police officers, Poe mentioned.