Jul 25, 2017 @ 20:04

SENATOR Ralph Recto sees President Rodrigo Duterte evolving from a Commander-in-Chief to a “builder-in-chief.”

The Senate President Pro Tempore on Tuesday known as on the federal government to guarantee enough funding for the reconstruction of Marawi closely broken by the armed battle between authorities forces and the Maute extremists.

“I look forward to his being the builder-in-chief. Infrastructure needs close presidential supervision. It is time to pivot from a helmet presidency to a hardhat presidency,” Recto stated.

“But let no funds be spared in rebuilding Marawi, which has become indistinguishable from Mosul (Iraq),” Recto stated.

The Iraqi authorities weeks in the past defeated and pushed away ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) from Mosul, Iraq, the militants final stronghold.

“We expect the government to reconstruct Marawi in the same way it was liberated: house-to-house, block by block,” Recto stated.

Source: politics.com.ph