Senator Win Gatchalian on Wednesday (Apr. 19) has put to process Philippine National Police (PNP) Ronald dela Rosa to unravel Reuters information company’s report testifying to the alleged existence of state-sponsored killings in the nation.

“I challenge Dela Rosa to unmask the truth and to punish all who have broken their vow to protect the Filipino people and ensure peace and order all throughout the country,” the senator mentioned in a textual content message to reporters.

Gatchalian mentioned the PNP management ought to look into the intense allegations made by two rating police officers – one retired intelligence officer and an lively senior commander – in their claims that policemen have been paid money to kill drug suspects and plant proof in crime scenes.

The cops’ claims have been reported by Reuters.

As the 2 police officers have refused to be recognized, Gatchalian mentioned they need to at the very least current concrete proof to again their claims.

“Accusations of this kind should have solid backing. In the absence of such, these could be disregarded as mere propaganda,” he mentioned.

Nonetheless, the shortage of any documentary proof can not merely have the PNP sweep underneath the rug with a blanket denial the matter, Gatchalian mentioned, including that the integrity of the establishments and its officers are these at stake now.

“The PNP cannot and should not risk losing the trust of the public. The PNP leadership should take drastic measures to verify the allegations and to hold liable erring policemen, no matter their positions in the hierarchy,” he mentioned.