“When I said to the Abu Sayyaf…they went there maybe to kidnap..And I told the Navy, if you see (them), the boat, blast them off. Do not give me prisoners. I don’t need them,” he mentioned in a speech at a mall in Pasay, the place he led the launch of Cine Lokal.

Cine Lokal is a venue for unbiased filmmakers to launch their work commercially.

Duterte mentioned if a combat ensued and so they surrendered, “you refuse.”

“You decline the offer of surrender and let’s continue fighting. Eventually they’ll run out of bullets,” he mentioned.

He added he had “plenty of soldiers to spare” and had FA50 jets which he was “using” even when “they’re not supposed to be used during rebellion cases..”

Duterte additionally threatened the terrorist group,which he mentioned was “already” placing improvised explosive units even in colleges such because the Marawi State University and the Zamboanga High School, the place he mentioned a grenade had been discovered.

He mentioned they need to not “force (him) to declare martial law for the Mindanao island.”

“Because if I declare martial law for the Mindanao island, then I will finish everything. Not only the insurgency or the rebellion, but every problem that has to be solved htere…I will solve all the problems for you, and it will really be harsh for everybody. And if I have to kill, I will not hesitate to do it,” he mentioned.

“That’s why I said do not kill the young people. Do not place explosives..It’s totally unacceptable to me. Do it on a daily basis, then you invite me to (declare martial law in Mindanao)..And it will make you sad, very sad,” he added.

At least 9 individuals had been killed within the conflict between government troops and round 10 members of the Abu Sayyaf in Inabanga final Tuesday.

The useless included three troopers and one policeman.

The army mentioned the bandits had gone to the world to interact in kidnapping actions however had been intercepted.


Source: eaglenewsph