festive crimewave
Police chief Ronald delay Rosa takes the position of Santa Claus. Picture through Twitter

A preparations for Christmas get underway within the Philippines, police are taking motion to fend off the traditional festive crimewave.

Speaking at Camp Crame, police chief Ronald dela Rosa stated that now the “-ber” months had begun, folks would begin to discover a boosted police presence.

“That’s what we’re guarding right now,” he stated. “We’ll maximise police visibility within the procuring malls and the general public areas of convergence.

“When it’s the “ber” months, financial exercise will get stronger. Money will get spent; all people desires to take pleasure in, all people desires to really feel the spirit of Christmas and criminals make the most of this.”

Dela Rosa stated the demand for unlawful medicine additionally elevated through the festive crimewave season due to all of the events.

“The sale of shabu increases because it’s party time; during Christmas, the demand of shabu rises.”

Police may also monitor the development of crimes resulting in the Christmas season. “They’re monitoring whose areas have a rising crime rate and whose are going down as well. We can summon the commander immediately and tell them to make up or improve their performance.”

Advice on festive crimewave

To coincide with the enhance to police patrols, the National Police Commission (Napolcom) has taken its crime prevention marketing campaign to procuring malls.

Napolcom public data officer Cristina Tan stated the data drive was a part of National Crime Prevention Week (NCPW) with the theme “A watchful community will lead to peace”.

“What is important is to be always alert,” she stated. She added that this was notably vital when procuring for Christmas presents.

Apart from happening a mall tour for the crime prevention data drive, the Napolcom may also distribute whistles to high school youngsters.

Ms Tan stated: “The whistle is small but it is very important to call attention if you need help or are in danger of falling victim to crime.”

Source: philippineslifestyle