Sep 11, 2017 @ 21:01

Senator Kiko Pangilinan on Monday stated the late President Ferdinand Marcos has left a “lasting legacy” of tyranny and corruption within the Philippines that’s remembered the world over.

​O​n the 100th start anniversary of the late dictator​, Pangilinan stated Filipinos “must never forget how much the country has suffered while he catered to the interests of the few.”

Pangilinan stated the individuals should not overlook “how his family lived in extravagance as they plundered resources that should have otherwise gone to better the lives of the Filipino, and how his cronies exercised powers so extraordinary that their traces can still be felt in the shadows of our bureaucracy.”

“We as a people demonstrated the might of a citizenry united and invested in one goal. As the song inspired by the four-day People Power Revolt goes, this was our gift to the world: a non-violent protest that ousted even the most ruthless dictator,” he stated.

“We must also remember that our People Power Uprising inspired nations in many parts of the world, such as Poland, South Africa, and South Korea, to likewise rise up peacefully to effect change in their respective nations,” stated Pangilinan, Liberal Party president.

He added, “But even more is required of us now in these trying times. We must, once again, rise up and go against tyranny, abuse of power, and the return of dictatorship. Never forget the dictator.”