Chief Legal Presidential Adviser Salvador Panelo dismissed as a mere propaganda the transfer of the group of self-confessed Davao Deathe Squad (DDS) killer Arturo Lascanas to raise the extra-judicial killings of drug suspects to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Panelo maintained that President Duterte was defending the vast majority of the Filipinos in his drug marketing campaign. He added that such killings don’t represent crimes towards humanity.

“They have been alleging that he is behind these extra judicial killings. You know, I even doubt if the International Criminal Court has jurisdiction over the same. There are only four grounds: one, genocide; number 2, crime against humanity; number three; war crimes crimes; and number four, war of aggression,” he mentioned, outlining on the grounds of circumstances that might be delivered to the ICC.

” I don’t assume it’s going to fall underneath genocide, as a result of it’s not dedicated towards a national ethnic spiritual group. Human crimes towards humanity? Supposed to be dedicated—acts dedicated widespread and systematic assaults towards a inhabitants,” Panelo mentioned.

Panelo burdened that Duterte did no sanction the EJKs. He echoed the claims of President Duterte that the killings have been the results of infightings and lack of belief amongst drug syndicates who resorted to purging their very own organisations.

“Now, this extra judicial killing is not state-sponsored and this is the finding of the Senate,” he mentioned.

“Moreover, I think this is the result of killings within the drug industry group because surrenderees have pointed their fingers at their accomplices and necessarily the accomplices would not want themselves to be open to prosecutions. So they would be hunting them and they would kill them; because they want to silence them. And those who are pointing their fingers with them would necessarily not wait to be killed, they will fight back. So we have this so-called ‘killings’,” Panelo added.