LOOK: Pamatay! British paper says Trump ‘hand in hand with a killer’ in handshake photo with Duterte

Nov 14, 2017 @ 17:08

A British newspaper has printed a photo of United States President Donald Trump and President Rodrigo Duterte holding palms with the title, “Hand in hand with a killer.”

The Independent printed the photo of the 2 leaders Tuesday (November 14) on its entrance web page.

The photo was taken through the first day of the 31st Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit and Related Meetings in Manila, when Trump and leaders of ASEAN states and dialogue companions did the “ASEAN handshake” with Duterte.

Duterte has drawn worldwide criticism over the federal government’s bloody battle on medicine.

He, nonetheless, has slammed international critics, saying they need to not meddle in the Philippines’ inside issues.

Trump was in the nation from November 12 to 14 for the 31st ASEAN Summit and Related Meetings as a dialogue associate.

He left Tuesday afternoon (November 14) with out attending the East Asia Summit, which he was extensively anticipated to participate in.

Source: politics.com.ph