It was well-known that President Rodrigo Duterte’ws recognition through the election interval tremendously elevated as a result of of his social media supporters who campaigned for him on the internet.

Because of that, many of his critics questioned how Rodrigo Duterte gathered a lot supporters on social media. A media outlet even accused his group of releasing cash for thus referred to as ‘online trolls’ to unfold good message about him and bully all of the netizens that in opposition to to the President.

After he delivered his second State of the Nation Address (SONA), President Duterte held a press convention on the home of Representatives in Quezon City.

During the presscon, a reporter talked about the research of the distinguished University of Oxford about the P10-M allegedly launched by the group of President Duterte to rent trolls who would unfold propaganda for the present administration and to bully the opposition supporters.

The research also stated that Duterte’s group of 400 to 500 cyber troops post nationalistic and pro-government feedback and work together with dissenters via harassment and particular person concentrating on. Membership in cyber troop groups within the Philippines is “liminal” however with some coordination.

“Verbal abuse, hate speech, discrimination and/or trolling against the values, beliefs or identity of a user or a group of users online” had been the practices of the alleged Duterte trolls on the internet.

It also confirmed that the net equipment of President Rodrigo Duterte consists of his celebration PDP Laban, his social media marketing campaign supervisor Nic Gabunada, volunteer teams and paid residents.

“Social media has become a valuable platform for public life. It is the primary medium over which young people, around the world, develop their political identities and consume news. However, social media platforms—like Facebook and Twitter—have also become tools for social control,” the research stated.

But President Rodrigo Duterte denied the allegations in opposition to him, acknowledged that he doesn’t must be standard anymore as a result of he already received the elections.

“I do not need to defend myself from attacks,” President Duterte advised the reporter.

“I really don’t care if my ratings go up or down that is not a significance to me,” he added.

He also mocked the Oxford University, saying that even common individuals can research there.

Duterte also challenged the press to ask the survey corporations if he gave a single centavo simply to spice up his belief rankings.

“Tanungin mo sila ma’am kung may naibigay ako maski piso.. media naman kayo lahat.. I will resign tomorrow..” Duterte stated.

Sass Rogando Sasot, a pro-Duterte blogger shared to her followers that the source of the knowledge utilized by the Oxford for his or her research about the internet trolls within the Philippines came from the article wrote by the information web site Rappler.

The Rappler article acknowledged that Nic Gabunada who directed Duterte’s social media group received a P10-M fund for his or her internet marketing campaign for the previous Davao City mayor who determined to ran for Presidency and received.

But Gabunada stated that as a result of of many individuals who campaigned for President Duterte on social media free of charge, they weren’t in a position to spend the P10-M funds solely.

“I still have money to return to the campaign financier. It’s all volunteer work,” Gabunada stated. “The entire campaign would have been worth millions, but because it’s all volunteer work, it’s not big.”

Duterte defends Mocha Uson

The President also denied that he had internet trolls, however he stated that he received followers.

Duterte talked about Mocha Uson, for example of his stable internet follower who’s now a Presidential Communications assistant secretary.

According to the President, Mocha Uson for the reason that marketing campaign interval, supplied her providers free of charge simply to specific her help to Duterte.

Out of gratitude to Mocha, when President Rodrigo Duterte received the election, he ordered Christoper “Bong” Go to search for Uson and gave her a place to the federal government as ‘social media secretary’

President Duterte also defended Mocha once more from criticisms that she obtained from her critics who questioned her functionality to work for the federal government.

“Sabihin mong naghubad yung tao[Uson].. and so? She no longer deserves a break in this universe because she’s a dancer?” Duterte stated.

In March, Uson posted a number of proof that may presumably show that internet trolls had been came from the opposition.

Her post confirmed a number of screenshots from twitter customers who used the identical phrases and hashtag to criticize President Rodrigo Duterte and to help the assertion of retired cop Arthur Lascañas in opposition to the previous Davao mayor.

(through Mocha Uson)

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Source: RTVMalacañang, Mocha Uson Blog, Oxford University

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