Actor Orlando Bloom attended a special screening in London of his film 'Unlocked' on Tuesday (April 25). Photo grabbed from Reuters video file.
Screenshot from Reuters video file

LONDON, England (Reuters) — Actor Orlando Bloom attended a special screening in London of his movie ‘Unlocked’ on Tuesday (April 25).

Bloom performs an M15 agent working with Noomi Rapace’s character a CIA investigator, who’s in a race in opposition to time to cease a chemical assault on London after she unintentionally releases info to terrorists.

Bloom stated that the movie offers with a state of affairs that’s greater than potential in at the moment’s world.

“Yeah I would say absolutely you know the world we live in today, this kind of situation could absolutely happen and I think that you know our director Michael Apted did a fantastic job you know really handling that with a great deal of care and sensitivity,” Bloom instructed Reuters

The sentiment was echoed by the movie’s director.

“I don’t think you can play games with it. I don’t think you can flirt with it or not take it seriously and it’s you know getting more and more frightening as the days and the months go on. I mean you know I shot the film some time ago and normally if the film takes some time to come out you think ‘oh it’s old hat now’ but this is getting more and more powerful as life goes on,” Apted stated.

Bloom additionally spoke concerning the upcoming launch of the brand new installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise saying that so long as his son cherished the movies he would hold doing them.

“Yeah look I only have a, I have a, I have a couple of moments in there. It’s not the big kahuna but I think it’s a great film and while there’s still an appetite for those movies I can tell you that my six years old loves them so while he’s still enjoying them I’m still going to make them.”

‘Unlocked’ premieres in the United Kingdom on April 27.

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