Sep 9, 2017 @ 11:40

If China is mostly a honest “ally”, it should cease smuggling of unlawful medication to the Philippines as Beijing stays the most important source of shabu to Manila.

Sen. JV Ejercito on Friday stated he begins to suspect that China “is turning a blind eye on this problem on purpose.”

“It’s like the Opium War in the 18th century, where Chinese battled the illegal opium shipments to China by foreign traders, mostly British,” he stated.

“The situation at present is quite parallel, only that some Chinese are possibly the major source and instigators of drug shipments to the Philippines,” Ejercito stated.

He stated that the warfare on medication ought to “shift gear by focusing on the sourced drug shipments–whether in raw or finished product forms–which from all indications come from China, and intercept them before reaching our shores.”