Lawyer Stephen David the Ombudsman’s personal state witness in the pork barrel testified in courtroom that former Budget Secretary Butch Abad who guided his shopper, Janet Lim Napoles, on what strings to tug and buttons to push in tapping the billions of pork barrels funds of senators and congressmen.

David mentioned Marina Sula implicated Abad in her testimony when she was offered as one of many witness of the state prosecutors on the Sandiganbayan.

“Listen to the testimony Marina Sula, there is someone who mentored Janet Napoles Somebody mentored her to do this, to do that, how to proceed with this. That statement came from government prosecution. According to the wtiness, it’s Butch Abad who mentored her,” mentioned David
in an interview with ANC’s Karen Davila.

“She (Napoles) knew Abad, she didn’t know anything about this. She thought Everything was ok, just send it to government and the NGOs (nongovernment organizations) etcetera,” mentioned David.

David mentioned Napoles knew Abad when he was nonetheless a Batanes Representative “when he was head of the appropriations committee in Congress in charge of inserting funds.”

“It’s just common sense. How can a private person who has not reached college manipulate the whole Senate, Congress. Is that practical? Unless someone is guiding her,” mentioned David.