Sep 11, 2017 @ 11:04

Do you end up feeling a tinge of disappointment that you simply didn’t make extra of the time with your youngsters whereas they had been younger? You’re not alone.

Former Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas turned sentimental on his son Paolo’s 24th birthday whereas admitting some remorse about missing his son’s early years.

“Wished Paolo a Happy Birthday today. Time goes by so fast. It’s true about the biggest regret of not spending more time with the family,” Roxas wrote on Facebook final September 9.

“Like all parents we do all we can for them, and yet we can’t control what the world does. Every night I pray for his well-being and safety, as I do for yours as well,” he stated.

Paolo not too long ago graduated with an economics diploma from the distinguished Yale University in Connecticut, USA. Last 12 months, he took a break from faculty to assist his father’s presidential marketing campaign.