Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte has had sufficient of the NPA’s offensive towards the federal government personnels.

After studying the information about her father’s announcement to finish the talks with the communist occasion of the Philippines, Inday Sara believed that the CPP-NPA-NDF wasted the largest alternative of to finish the battle between them and the federal government.

She also stated that Armed Forces of the Philippines also do what the NPA did to the policemen that they ambushed a number of days in the past.

Inday Sara even requested for the pictures of the useless NPA members if the AFP succeed of their offensives towards the communist forces.

“Dapat AFP should also leave them like roadkill dogs, same with what they did with the policemen and we want pictures!” Inday Sara added.

In the ultimate a part of her post, she cheered the federal government forces and stated that criminals, terrorists and drug syndicates doesn’t deserve any human rights.

“No human rights for criminals, terrorists and drug syndicates! Fight!” She stated.

Her father, President Rodrigo Duterte prioritized the peace talks between the CPP-NPA-NDF and the federal government and freed a number of political prisoners.

Duterte even urged the Communist Party of the Philippines founder Joma Sison to go residence and finish his 30 yr exile within the Netherlands.

But after a number of assaults carried out by the New People’s Army (NPA) that resulted to casualties from the federal government facet, President Rodrigo Duterte scrapped the talks between the communists, saying that speaking with reds was ‘a waste of time’

“Let us renew the fighting for another 50 years,” he stated in a speech through the Davao Investment Conference in his hometown metropolis.

Source: Inday Sara Duterte


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