A new child baby boy was left for dead in a toilet cubicle at Manila’s NAIA Airport.

In a report back to the Manila International Airport Authority, Dr Lorena Purisima mentioned the toddler was dropped at his clinic at 11am on Monday (July three) after being discovered by toilet attendant Maricel Guliman in a trash can.

Mrs Guliman mentioned she grew to become suspicious of a girl — presumed to be the mom — as a result of she was in the cubicle for so lengthy. When the girl ultimately left, she checked the cubicle and located blood protecting the ground and the baby in the bin.

Dr Purisima mentioned the baby was gasping for air and had a sluggish coronary heart fee and was blue in the face when dropped at his clinic. After about 30 minutes of resuscitation, the baby’s situation stabilised.

The baby was then taken to Pasay City General Hospital for commentary.

Airport authorities are investigating the incident and are CCTV digicam footage to determine the mom.

Source: philippineslifestyle