President Rodrigo Duterte isn’t intimidated by one of many world’s most influential newspapers which lately declared in its editorial that he ought to be stopped for his brutal warfare on medicine.

In an interview with reporters, Duterte cursed on the New York Times and declared that it was the one which ought to cease its enterprise for turning a blind eye on the sins of its personal authorities.

“New York Times… A*** h***, a*** h**. You cannot even criticize your own mistake. Invading a country, making up excuses before the world that is not true, then you have the gall to say stop. You better stop your publishing,” mentioned Duterte.

Instead of zeroing in on him, Duterte mentioned the New York Times ought to deal with the abuses made by the White House outdoors its shores, particularly its invasion of Panama and Iraq.

“Amerikano, you’re playing like the morals of you. You didn’t even realize that you invaded a country in the name of drugs. You remember (Manuel) Noriega of Panama? Remember the time that they invaded a sovereign country like Panama, kidnapped the President and brought him to America to stand trial and he’s serving prison time there?” mentioned Duterte.

“Sa Iraq. You invaded Iraq. Why? Because of weapons of mass destruction. How many died? What did… What was found there? Nothing. There was no weapons of mass destruction and yet you invaded Iraq. Who answer for the lives — of the lives lost there?” Duterte added.

A day after the International Criminal Court acquired a communication to research the mass homicide being spurred by Duterte in “kill” rhetoric, , the New York Times urged the “ICC promptly open a preliminary investigation into the killings.”

“This is a man who must be stopped,” declared the New York Times which has held Duterte answerable for the 1000’s who’ve died in his crackdown on medicine.